Western India Regional Council of
The Institute of Chartered Accountants Of India


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08-Feb-2016 Seminar on Issues in IT & ST
06-Feb-2016 Workshop on Drafting of Agreements, Deeds & Documents
06-Feb-2016 Seminar on Statutory Audit of Bank Branches
30-Jan-2016 Seminar on Audit of SME: Practitioners Challenges
23-Jan-2016 Seminar on Issues in TDS
23-Jan-2016 Seminar on Important Aspects of Companies Act
16-Jan-2016 Seminar on Recent Developments & Compliance Issues in Securities market
16-Jan-2016 Seminar on Assessment Under IT Act
09-Jan-2016 Seminar on Charitable Organisation
09-Jan-2016 Seminar on Tax Planning NRI

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