Western India Regional Council of
The Institute of Chartered Accountants Of India


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21-Apr-2018 Seminar on Internal Audit
14-Apr-2018 Seminar on Post Assessment issues under IT
12-Apr-2018 All Students Programme - 2018
07-Apr-2018 Seminar on TDS
03-Apr-2018 Refresher Course on GST held on 3rd, 4th, 6th & 7th April 2018
24-Mar-2018 Seminar on PMLA
20-Mar-2018 Study Course on How to Prepare for Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code Examination held on 20th to 24th March 2018
17-Mar-2018 Seminar on Statutory Bank Branch Audit
10-Mar-2018 Seminar on Project Finance
10-Mar-2018 Seminar on Statutory Audit of Bank Branches
24-Feb-2018 Seminar on LLP
17-Feb-2018 Seminar on Due Diligence
17-Feb-2018 Seminar on Basics of Real Estate in Various Allied Laws
10-Feb-2018 Seminar on Drafting
09-Feb-2018 Workshop on Alternative Investments

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