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Chairman WIRC

Respected Colleagues,
We are members of the most dynamic professional body, confidently marching ahead in our quest for professional excellence with our commitment of delivering the best service in today’s fast changing environment.

We deploy our tried and tested traditional methods with a few innovated and modern adaptations in trying to keep up with the changing global practices. This is where soft skills play a crucial part in fostering intangible but critical aspects like healthy client relationships and strategic timely advice. These play a pivotal role in positioning members for the future along with providing insightful business solutions.

Taking into account future demand, we need to think about our new members and our future i.e. students. We need to create a plan which will provide our students the requisite experience to take them out of routine tasks and into roles more suited to their growth. This was the focal point at the ICAI convocation of the newly qualified members held recently and which was attended by more than 2500 members across the Region.

Our Branches and their WICASA arms continue to make us proud. My dedicated colleagues in the Regional Council have been travelling the length and breadth of our Region and interacting with members and students. It has helped us in understanding the issues that need to be addressed. The quality of the programmes organised and other healthy activities conducted by the Branches for members and students are highly praise-worthy. The bigger branches have supported the smaller branches with fresh ideas and faculty support from time to time.

WIRC has been privileged in providing technical training to senior officials and executives of C&AG. I take this opportunity to thank Shri Guljari Lal, Director General of Audit (Central), for reposing confidence in us as we stand in support to provide academic training to their officials on varied topics of compliance and reporting relevance. He had also shown keen interest in introducing the concept of short term training of our CA Students during their articleship period and a necessary representation may be made.

This can be rightly termed as a “Legislative Revolution”. Laws are getting dynamic by the day. New and promising areas of practice and advisory service are ensuring that the members are geared up well in advance to seize the opportunities.

GST continues to be the most promising sector for us in fields of either compliance or litigations. We continue to ensure that we provide a very robust learning environment for our members and students towards GST training. Recently we had the opportunity to host Smt. Sungita Sharma, Hon’ble Chief Commissioner CGST, Mumbai, CA. Upender Gupta, Commissioner GST Policy Wing, CBIC, New Delhi, the patriarch of the GST framework in India and Shri Sanjay Mahendru Commissioner of GST, Mumbai, along with a galaxy of very senior officials of the GST Department. The event was an interactive discussion on the ‘Shaping up of GST - Pre and Post Implementation’, wherein we had our members interact and suggest changes in the GST law and procedures. This was very positively received by the respected officials of the GST Department.

I am proud to state that the Chartered Accountant Benevolent Fund (CABF) is one of the noblest initiatives by ICAI. It has always provided much needed financial support to the kith and kin of deceased members. I am happy to share that with the invaluable support and selfless contributions by our members, ICAI has been able to extend this support. I humbly request each member to come forward and continue to generously contribute towards this fund. The details of how to contribute for this cause is given elsewhere in this newsletter.

We continue to make contributions towards the Kerala Relief Fund. I, once again, request members to come forward and show their generosity by extending whatever we can for the citizens. Kindly send your contributions to “WIRC of ICAI” with your name and membership number or contribute online at wirc-icai.org.

The banking sector has been the backbone of the economy and an arena for promising opportunities for us. As testimony, we are proud to organise the Regional Banking Conclave on 24th November in Mumbai. I compliment the Chairperson of this Committee for the conception of this conclave.

Health is Wealth and this is the undisputable mantra, especially for us in these times when compliances are taking most of our time and resources. I request members and students to have a judicious balance between work and enjoyment for a healthy family life ahead.

With Best Wishes,
CA. Sandeep K.C. Jain


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