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Chairman WIRC

Dear Members,
We, as Chartered Accountants, are known for our commitments, both to the profession and to our society. This perseverance has earned us the respect and trust of those we serve and hence we are considered elite amongst professionals.While this positive reputation precedes us, we must also keep in mind that the environment around us is changing rapidly. There is an evident expectation on us to widen our roles across various functions and cultivate multi-faceted business skills to mature as effective leaders. Our indispensable traits to excel may be broadly seen under the following:

Investing in oneself – professionally and personally: means effectively planning for Continuous Professional Excellence, keeping in mind current and future requirements of self-learning alongwith regularly pursuing stress relieving activities/hobbies for physical fitness.

Yearning and learning soft skills: The professional environment has changed from our neighbourhoods to going global, with a corresponding increase in range of our responsibilities. Communication, people management and mentoring skills are considered as normal ingredients for leadership roles even for us.

Developing productive and effective networking: includes the importance to connect with specialists in non-finance fields and seek advice for non-financial situations which are part of globalisation and growth.

Everyone needs a mentor: In the current era of information overload, it is critical to have a mentor who can look at our professional life objectively and help us to plan, guide and conduct efficiently. A mentor has the requisite experience whom we can trust for the support and advice.

Judicious delegation: Learning to delegate effectively puts more time in our hands to work on more important projects. Delegating according to levels of competency is an art. At higher levels, by delegating, we will not only be able to perform our respective tasks but ultimately create a powerful and productive team which will bring in better results.

A successful professional is inquisitive, curious and eager to learn. All these attributes are necessary for a strong desire to learn new things. This is closely related to being adaptable and we need to constantly look for latest trends and make judgment calls about the new and upcoming areas for professional development. There is more to learn than can ever be learned, so we need to determine where our interests lie and pursue them.

I would want to truly believe that each of us must find meaning in what we do. The best results are drawn when one knows that it's not just work, but something that will bring us contentment when carried out in a truthful manner. This belief goes a long way to create a strong and ethical professional foundation. Let’s build this together.

We are happy to be guided regularly by our leaders at the Central Level and I am proud to receive support of all my dedicated Regional Council Colleagues representing Members from across the West.

We also recently had a chance to host delegates from CPA Australia and ISACA. They expressed their desire and willingness for development of a progressive environment for an organic and well balanced mutual growth. We shall look forward for a positive and progressive synergy beyond our borders.

The summer vacations are round the corner and I wish all a welcome break with family to rejuvenate for the year ahead.

With Best Wishes,
CA. Sandeep K.C. Jain


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