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Chairman's Communication

Chairman WIRC

Respected Members,
The path to professional excellence has many routes which includes being receptive to changes, learning new processes and adapting technological advances. Though we plan and follow these promising routes but our final goal always remains the same – Achieve Professional Excellence.

To make this goal our mission, we must look at our current progress and accordingly chart the way forward. We must definitely address the professional needs of the members to create leaders who shape the future of our profession as well as inspire others to follow their footsteps.

To achieve this, we need to define our objectives and then create the action plans to implement them on different fronts. We should focus on-

Addressing the professional needs & development of skills of our members

Sustaining and refining professional skills and proficiency via quality professional education, opportune industry information and increasing networking opportunities both locally and globally.

Professional Ethics & Integrity

While self-regulation is the most efficient form of regulation, regular updates and trainings are essential to keep members and students up to date on our regulations

Use Technology for Closer Member Connects

Increase and expand active communication channels via digital means; increase and provide access to professional updates, knowledge resources for Practice & Industry and relevant services to support professional growth

Effective Representations

Create more and targeted representations to increase acceptance of our professional inputs across sectors , services, industry and government.

Succession Planning and Mentoring

Identify members and students with leadership potential and train them to take up responsibilities as future leaders.

Allocation of sufficient resources

Ensure that sufficient resources are allocated to carry out these programmes across the entire Region.

Our profession is built on a number of key pillars comprising trust, performance and competence. As the top professional Institute in the Country we will ceaselessly endeavour to uphold these fundamental values on a regular basis.

I appeal to all members to promote the highest standards of accounting; increase professional knowledge and skills; support students infrastructure; create stronger bonds with relevant professional bodies to further the interests of the profession; generate new learning modules and increase representations and research papers to put our views strongly across relevant bodies.

We will continue our momentum and along the way achieve holistic growth for the members and students of our Region and ICAI.

Here, I take this opportunity to appeal to all my members that we need to take proactive efforts to Go Green and lessen our carbon footprint. We are taking the right steps in that direction and I will request all to contribute in this mission by shifting from this printed newsletter to e-Newsletter and intimate us of this choice by an e-mail to wirc@icai.in with your Name and Mem no. and subject stating the desire to get only e-newsletter.

With Best Wishes,
CA. Sandeep K.C. Jain


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