Western India Regional Council of
The Institute of Chartered Accountants Of India


Select Year :
16-Mar-2019 Seminar on Prevention of Maundering
11-Mar-2019 Lecture Meeting on Banning of Unregulated Deposit Scheme Ordinance 2019
09-Mar-2019 Seminar on International Taxation for Foreign Remittance
02-Mar-2019 Seminar on Limited Liability Partnership
16-Feb-2019 Lecture Meeting on RERA
16-Feb-2019 Seminar on Transfer Pricing
09-Feb-2019 Seminar on Real Estate / SME Financing
09-Feb-2019 Seminar on Business Restructuring
02-Feb-2019 Seminar on Project Finance
19-Jan-2019 All Students Programme - 2019
19-Jan-2019 Seminar on Formation & Taxation of Charitable Organization
19-Jan-2019 Seminar on GST Audit & way forward
12-Jan-2019 Seminar on Ind As
09-Jan-2019 Lecture Meeting on New Revenue Recognition Principles as per Ind AS 115
05-Jan-2019 Seminar on TDS

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