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Chairman WIRC

Respected Colleagues,
We stand proud with the Government’s endeavours and positive steps which are seeing better results for India. The World Bank’s latest ‘Ease of Doing Business’ ranking has elevated India up by 23 places to an overall ranking of 77, up from 100, a year ago. India’s score for ‘distance to frontier metric’ - a measure to gauge how far an economy’s policies are from global best practices has also improved over the years. Consolidations of the banking sector is also a very healthy move by the apex.

This period of consolidation of our laws, promises a good bouquet of opportunities for us, and our extended and energetic arms, the branches and study circles with their relentless efforts continue to keep our members abreast with the latest developments and trainings. ICAI and WIRC stand proud of these efforts.

In a similar genre and flavour we saw our ‘Regional Banking Conclave’ being successfully hosted and were privileged with excellent contemporary topics on this sector coupled with the presence of a galaxy of acclaimed academicians and practitioners from their respective specialised field.

Topics of practical relevance coupled with academic updates were featured in this well conceptualised interactive event. The expert perception of the speakers was appreciated by members in attendance who were witness to insights by various luminaries from the banking sector. We were honoured with the presence of CA. P.S. Jayakumar, MD & CEO, Bank of Baroda; Mr. A.M. Prasad, IPS, Jt. Director, CBI, Mumbai and Mr. Arijit Basu, MD, State Bank of India to inaugurate. These distinguished guests unequivocally shared their views that Chartered Accountants are and shall continue to remain an important catalyst in national economic development and growth. I am particularly thankful to Chair person, Banking, Financial Ser vices and Insurance Committee of WIRC and BFSICM Study Group for conceptualising this well acclaimed conclave.

We continue in our quest to spread awareness of our Chartered Accountancy course and the promise it holds across the globe. We continue to organise our Career Counselling programmes under the aegis of Board of Studies, ICAI.

Our educational institutions and more particularly colleges have always supported our activities. To commemorate this and as a mark of our respect and gratitude for their invaluable support and contribution, we felicitated the heads of colleges and our members in these institutions and this was a good brand building exercise for us.

ICAI is gaining commendable strides internationally. We have entered into mutual recognition agreements with the premier accounting bodies of the various countries of the World. This is particularly important in the current era where opportunities are abundant and the demand for our members is steadily rising on foreign soil.

ICAI Elections 2018 is one of the most important event this year. I dedicate this edition of the communication to our RESPONSIBILITY and our RIGHT i.e. our VOTE. I am sure that each one of us is resolute to exercise this privilege. When we vote, we truly make a difference. Lets prove our solidarity, our unity. Let’s vote and that too in good numbers.

I humbly urge all members to cast their vote on the 7th or 8th December, 2018, as applicable. EVERY SINGLE VOTE COUNTS. Here I take this opportunity to specially request the members who will be experiencing this event for the first time. This is YOUR opportunity. SO cast your vote.

I especially urge all the Companies, Banks, Institutions, Firms and other organisations to allow members to report to work after casting their votes.

On behalf of our members I wish all the Candidates our best wishes for the upcoming elections.

I also wish all a Merry Christmas and fun-filled moments with Family.

“Let’s Shape Tomorrow by Voting Today”.

With Best Wishes,
CA. Sandeep K.C. Jain


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