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CA. Murtuza Kachwala
CA. Shweta Jain
CA. Yashwant Kasar
CA. Piyush Chandak
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Dear Colleagues,

Feminism isn’t about making women strong. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength. – G.D. Anderson

International women’s day was celebrated recently and WIRC took the step forward to not only celebrate in spirit but in a concrete manner to advocate, support and most importantly enhance the role played by women Chartered Accountants.

This is not something new as WIRC has always strongly encouraged and promoted Woman Power. We were the first Regional Council to elect a lady Chartered Accountant as Chairperson as far back as 1973-74 when CA. Tannaz Pheroze Tarapore was elected to lead our Region. Since then we have continued to regularly elect women CAs as torch bearers of the Western India Regional Council.

This year we look to ‘LEAD’ and taking this ethos forward in a tangible manner WIRC organised nine events comprising three hours each designed to ensure that women CAs get the tools to propel them even further in their quest for professional excellence.

Women’s Day Special Events (1st – 15th March)

Women Campus Placement - Master Your CV

  • Constructive advice to create a more professionally attractive CV

Mock Drill Group Discussion & Personal Interviews

  • ‘Practice makes perfect’ and the mock GD/PI drills were a strong confidence booster building up the reassurance needed to handle these hurdles.

Enhance Your Communication Skills

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication are critically important soft skills. This lecture was instructive in guiding women CAs towards improving this skill set.

Campus Placement

  • This positive initiative saw corporates and CA Firms invited to connect directly with our bright Women CAs in an event which was a ‘win-win’ for all concerned.

Enhance Your Justification Power

  • Knowledge is power but putting it across clearly with correct marshalling of evidences is crucial. This vital aspect was the focus of this educational lecture.

Panel Discussion on ‘Education & Beyond’

  • While a good education is a stepping stone to success there are other equally important factors to consider for professional growth and the panel discussion highlighted these to the appreciation of participating Women CAs.

Updating on Recent Developments

  • Ensuring that our members are at the cutting-edge of professional developments is the way forward not only for our women members but for the Region as well.

Women in Diversity Driving the Industry

  • The number of women CAs from diverse backgrounds is growing year on year. They will soon be the growth drivers and through these events WIRC looks to support their endeavours.

Health Issues - General Cancer Screening for Women

  • ‘Prevention is better than cure’. This event looks to make our women members pro-actively aware of their health and take pre-emptive measures to ensure that they lead healthy personal and professional lives.

Music for Healing

  • Scientific evidence suggests that music helps reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure & eases anxiety. Music therapy helps individuals address various physical and psychological needs and this lecture gave insights into the same.

Past Presidents & Past Chairpersons Meeting

The experience and wisdom of our stalwarts is a treasure trove of knowledge. In this New Year, it is important that we tap into this well of practical information in order to make the best decisions for the future of the Region and profession. This meeting with our Past Presidents & Past Chairpersons was truly informative and we look to implement their advice for the betterment of the WIRC of ICAI this year.

ICAI President and Vice President – Interactive Meet with Members

WIRC was pleased to welcome our esteemed ICAI President CA. (Dr.) Debashis Mitra and Vice President CA. Aniket Sunil Talati. This program encouraged personal interaction between our torch-bearers and CA members of WIRC and helped in fostering a sense of comradeship between all. We look forward to more such interactions with them and gain their insights.

Seminar on Statutory Audit of Bank Branches

WIRC looks to ensure that all members are made aware of professional opportunities available to them. More importantly, WIRC also provides the tools to make it possible to access these opportunities. To that end, we organised multiple seminars on the ‘Statutory Audit of Bank Branches’ across the Region thus bringing members up to date with required procedures. To enable members to have relevant information at hand WIRC also released a publication titled ‘Statutory Audit of Bank Branches – Compilation of Papers 2022’.

Branch Visits

Last month, WIRC torch bearers and other Office Bearers visited the Bhavnagar, Anand, Vadodara and Surat Branches of WIRC and had constructive meetings with members and local institutes. In Bhavnagar, we met with the Officials of the Saurashtra Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI). We also had detailed discussions with the Addl. Commissioner of GST, Bhavnagar, on multiple matter pertaining to GST.

In Vadodara, we met with Department Heads of M.S. University and agreed to jointly work on career counselling and Train Earn Learn program. In Surat, we networked with the Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SGCCI) and met with heads of the Sarvajanik University for student activities like TEL, Career Counselling, etc.

We look forward to continue our Branch visits and build stronger ties at the grassroots level.

The exponential growth and dynamism of the members at our Branches is truly inspirational. We look forward to understanding requirements at Branch level and incorporating them for the progress of the Region as a whole.

If the past two years have taught us anything, it is that “Success Doesn’t Come To You, You Go To It!” Let us take this inspirational saying to heart and endeavour to achieve our dreams and goals.

I take this opportunity to wish a Happy Gudi Padva, Cheti Chand, Ugadi and Ramadan Mubarak to all the members of our fraternity.

CA. Murtuza Kachwala