Western India Regional Council of
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

(Setup by an Act of Parliament)

Quotations Invited in Sealed Cover For Various Services For The Term 2019 -2022

Tender Notice for various contracts at WIRC of ICAI

The Western India Regional Council (WIRC of ICAI) which is located at Mumbai is the largest Regional Council of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India amongst the five Regional Councils, catering to the membership of more than 95000 Chartered Accountants and about 2,50,000 CA students, spread the across the Network of 35 branches in the three states of Maharashtra, Gujarat Goa and the Union Territories of Daman, Diu and Nagar Haveli. These CA members are either in practice or in business or holding eminent positions in various industries as well as government organizations spread across the region.

The WIRC of ICAI requires lowest quotations with Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) for the following:

1. Air & Train Ticket Booking Services (EMD Rs. 72,000/-) Click here for the details.

2. Audio Video Systems on Rent (EMD Rs. 58,000/-) Click here for the details.

3. Hiring of Cars under Different Categories (EMD Rs.20,000/- Panel of Vendors ) Click here for the details.

4. Catering services (EMD Rs. 5,32,000/-) Click here for the details.

5. Courier Services (EMD Rs. 20,000/-) Click here for the details.

6. Hotel Stay and booking (EMD Rs. 17,000/-) Click here for the details.

7. Mass Mail Services (EMD Rs. 51,000/-) Click here for the details.

8. Mass SMS services (EMD Rs. 40,000/-) Click here for the details.

9. Photographer services (EMD Rs. 15,000/-) Click here for the details.

10. Printing of envelopes and coupons (EMD Rs. 3,000/-) Click here for the details.

11. Quotation for Newsletter & Miscellaneous Printing (EMD Rs. 2,50,000/-) Click here for the details.

12. Printing, Stationery & Photocopying (office use) (EMD Rs. 88,000/- Panel of Vendors) Click here for the details.

13. Annual Maintenance Contract Computers (EMD Rs. 3,000/-/-) Click here for the details.

(Please click on the respective heading to access the Excel/ word document to provide the quotes). The quotation page must be signed with stamp indicating mobile number and address of the supplier with GSTN Number). EMD is 2.5% of total yearly order value. On award of contract the EMD will form the part of security and will be retained by ICAI. The EMD money in other cases will be refunded without any interest.

The delivery of goods and services would be at ICAI BKC office (for Audio Visual Arrangements, catering, Hotels, Photography and Videography the arrangements of supply for goods and services may be required to be made at different locations at Mumbai at the place of the event.). No extra payments will be made for supplies done here for transportation or out of pocket expenses.

The billing must be done immediately within seven days of completion of supply of goods and services else the same would be taken as time bar and ICAI will not make payments for the supply of said goods and services.

The bids in sealed cover be submitted along with the EMD mentioned against each of the items above. The EMD shall be remitted by way of Demand Draft in favour of WIRC of ICAI with other documents. The proposals submitted without the EMD will be rejected and would not be considered for evaluation. Those not able to provide the goods/ services as per the quotes ICAI would forfeit the EMD for the same and the next bidder would be considered. ICAI reserves the right to empanel more than one service provider at the Lowest quotes obtained by this tender.

The Tender Documents with the Demand draft for EMD shall be submitted at WIRC office at 8th floor of the Building or sent by post at the following address:

Purchase Committee of WIRC of ICAI

8th Floor,
WIRC of ICAI, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
ICAI Tower, C-40, G BLOCK,
BKC, Bandra (East) Mumbai – 400 051

The Institute shall not be liable for any postal delays whatsoever, in receipt of the applications and the applications received after the stipulated date and time shall not be entertained.

Incomplete applications shall be summarily rejected. The Institute reserves the right to accept or reject any or all applications without assigning any reason at its sole discretion. You can contact WIRC Office for any queries through e-Mail at wirc@icai.in

Please send quotations within 7 days of the hosting of this advertisement ie till (25th April, 2019)